Integrate Your Website With HubSpot

You can easily integrate your AgentPlug website with one of World’s most robost CRM’s – for free!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a free CRM Hubspot Account here.
  2. Answer the sign-up questions as best as you can.
  3. When you see the Getting Started screen, click on down-arrow next to your account name located top right and then click on Profile & Preferences link.
  4. A new page will open.  On the left sidebar near the bottom, click on Tracking Code.
  5. Click on the “Email to my web designer” button to send us your tracking code as shown below.  Enter our address [email protected]
  6. Enable forms by clicking on the Settings gear icon located in the top toolbar and choosing MarketingForms and click on the Non-HubSpot forms tab.  Enable this option as shown below:
    crm for real estate
  7. We will notify you when the code has been installed on your site.

What’s Next?

Once the tracking code has been installed, anytime a visitor to your site completes any form, including your contact form, listing contact form, free home evaluation form, buyer’s profile form, seller’s profile form or any other custom form, a new contact will be automatically created in your HubSpot account.  You can then use HubSpot to manage your contacts.

HubSpot is a very robust CRM and it may seem overwhelming at first, but soon you’ll catch on and it can grow with you.

Configure Your HubSpot Account

HubSpot provides a guide to get you started.  We highly recommend that you complete this guide to learn how to work with HubSpot and personalize it to your specific needs.  You can find the guide by clicking on your account name at the top right and then choose “Getting Started with HubSpot“.

Create an Eye-Catching Pop-up Lead Form

You can easily create a lead capture pop-up form on your website by completing these steps:

  1. Login to your HubSpot account
  2. From the top Menu, click on MarketingLead CapturePopup Forms
  3. Click on the Create a pop-up form button
  4. Choose a pop-up style and then choose Next button in the top right corner.
  5. Complete the callout properties page.  A featured image is not required, but does look nice!  Click next in top right to continue to next step.
  6. Choose the data you want to capture on the form screen.  Email is mandatory, but you could also ask for First and Last name.   Asking too much reduces the likelihood of capturing a lead.  Notice that as you create your form a preview is automatically generated for you.
  7. Complete the thank you page.
  8. Skip the follow-up page by clicking on next.
  9. On the options page, set when you want the pop-up to launch.  We recommend on 50% page scroll.
  10. Preview your form and then click on the Publish button at the top right.
  11. Visit your website and test your new pop-up form.  It should create a new Contact in HubSpot!

Other HubSpot Learning Resources

HubSpot has a free learning academy with tons of articles, videos and guides to help you learn how to best utilize this amazing tool.

Here are the top highly recommended courses you should consider taking:

  1. Getting Started with the CRM
  2. CRM and Sales Walkthrough
  3. Working with Your Leads