Note: This add-on is included at no extra charge for AgentPlugPro and AgentPlugBroker subscribers.


Chat with Potential Customers Live

Web users are increasingly savvy and impatient. They want quick access to information and want their questions answered immediately, or they may go somewhere else.


We add ‘Live Chat’ to your AgentPlug website! With ‘Live Chat’, visitors can initiate an instant chat session with you no matter where you are.

How It Works:

Simply download the live chat software to your phone or PC and when a chat request is made on your website, you receive an instant notification giving you the opportunity to reply and converse with your clients in real time.

Why Use Live Chat?

Not only will your visitors be impressed with how easy it is to get hold of you, communicating with potential customers in real-time drastically increases your chances of obtaining a new client.

You can easily turn on/off your live chat based on your availability.  Best of all, this service is 100% free and included with every AgentPlugPro and Broker subscription.  For AgentPlugLite subscribers, there is a $5/per month surcharge.