Having corporate email accounts such as [email protected] not only strengthens your brand, but it also legitimizes your business and increases trust with your customers.

We recommend, and many prefer, 3rd party email providers as there is a strong advantage to having 100% ownership of your own email accounts.

Why is ownership important?

Simply put, if your web provider hosts your email account, you will potentially lose your email and contacts if you decide to end your business relationship. If you have 100% ownership of your eamil account with an established 3rd party, you will never lose access as long as you pay the bills.

Addtionally, most web hosts cannot provide all the bells and whistles that dedicated email providers can.  If they do, they are simply using the same services outlined below and up-charging you a monthly fee.

Our Top Picks for 3 Party Email Providers:

  1. Office 365 (starts at $5/month per email account)
  2. Gmail (starts at $6/month per email account)
  3. Zoho (starts at $1/month per email account)

All of the above companies offer email, contacts, calendar, tasks, a mobile app and support via an online dashboard, email or by phone.

Office 365 and Gmail are by far the most popular, however, Zoho is becoming more and more popular because of their pricing.  No matter which service you choose, you will get great service and dependability.

Integration Service:

We will setup and configure your email accounts for you if you choose any of the three above providers.  Sorry, we do not support other providers.

Setup includes up to five (5) email accounts.  If you require more accounts, please contact us for a quote.

Who it Works:

  1. Sign-up for this service by clicking the ‘Add to Cart‘ button below.  This is a one-time charge by us.
  2. We contact you to obtain details about your required email accounts.
  3. We register and setup your email account(s) with your preferred service provider.
  4. The service provider bills your credit card directly (monthy or yearly) for their services.

That’s it.

You will own your email account(s) for life, even if you cancel your AgentPlug subscription with us.  You will be able to add/modify/delete email accounts using your preferred service providers dashboard, as well, they will offer you support.

Key Understanding:   Our one-time setup fee is to register and configure your email account(s) with your preferred provider.  We do not offer troubleshooting or email support after intial set-up as this is the responsibility of your service provider and/or IT staff.  Of course, we will provide guidance for you at no cost if you require assistance on very simple matters – we’re not monsters 🙂